Turn your Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B) into a full and open source home automation hub with the d-diot image and the d-diot board.

Thousand of devices supported

Check the components page of Home Assistant to see how big is the list of supported devices and paltforms.


All the data of your home are stored in a SQL database server that runs on your own Raspberry Pi and not sent to any cloud service.

Low power consumption

The Raspberry Pi is a very low power device, so you can run it 24/7 with a negligible impact on your energy bill.

IR Gateway

With the infrared receiver and transmitter integrated in the d-diot board you can control any devices that has a dummy infrared remote (TV, hi-fi, AV receiver, etc..).

433 Mhz Gateway

The integrated ATMega2560 microcontroller, thanks to the RFLink firmware, encodes and decodes the 433 Mhz signals used by a lot of devices on the market (like smart plugs, smoke detectors, motion sensors, etc...).

Dual MySensors Gateway

In the d-diot board you have two MySensors gateways: NRF24 at 2.4 Ghz and RFM69 at 868 Mhz. With MySensors you can easily build any sensor or actuator, you want with just an arduino and a radio module.

Wifi and Bluetooth

The Raspberry Pi 3 model B has a built-in wifi and bluetooth module and both networks are suitable to interact with your devices.


The d-diot hub can be built with less than 100€ or less than 50€ , if you already own a Raspberry Pi and an SD card.

Easy and Customizable

To run your hub, simply burn the d-diot image to an SD card and you are ready to go. To add more connectivity (Z-Wave or ZigBee for example) simply put an USB stick to one of the four ports of the Raspberry Pi.

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What is d-diot?

d-diot is an open project for hobbyist, makers, and everyone interested on home automation. The aim of d-diot is to create an easy, accessible and "privacy friendly" domotics platform for your home. As many others open source project it is based on different components, that are in turn open source projects, developed by other teams. See below the main components of d-diot.
Raspberry Pi and Raspbian

Raspberry Pi and Raspbian

Core of the system

The Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B) is the credit card sized computer that do all the work in the d-diot hub. The OS of the hub is the d-diot image which is a pre-configured image based on Raspbian lite.

Home Assistant

Home Assistant

Home Automation software

In few words Home Assistant is the core of your home automation. It is a great open source projects that allows you to control an impressive number of smart devices through an easy and nice web interface.



do-it-yourself home automation and Internet of Things

"We're here to help people who'd like to create original and affordable sensors and actuators based on components like, Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, NRF24L01+ and RFM69. Does it sound complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything."



433 Mhz Gateway

RFLink is a firmware that encodes and decodes the signals at 433 Mhz. In d-diot it runs on the integrated ATMega 2560 microcontroller and communicate with the Raspberry Pi and Home Assistant through a serial connection.

Latest News

USB Smart Hub

With this MySensors node you can turn on/off 3 USB type A ports in a traditional or smart way


With this expansion board you can turn on/off 3 USB type A ports; the power state of each port can be controlled with the dedicated physical push button or in a “smart” way through the Home Assistant WebUI

d-diot hub v.2.0

The 3d-printable case for the Raspberry Pi 3 and the d-diot board v.2.0 is available in thingiverse, so now the d-diot hub v.2.0 is completed.

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