The d-diot board v.1.0

The pcb for the d-diot hub v.1.0 is ready!

The board is designed to be mounted on top of a Raspberry Pi and is connected to the Pi’s GPIO through the 40 pin header J6.

See the interactive BOM tool to see the position of each electronic component on the board.

d-diot board  v.1.0 - front

d-diot board v1.0 - rear

Feature of the d-diot board v.1.0:

  • Latch circuit to turn on and off safely your Raspberry Pi with the SW1 button.
  • Infrared receiver and transmitter with activity LEDs.
  • USB port to add extra infrared transmitters (or simply charge your phone).
  • DC power jack and power status LEDs.
  • 433 Mhz Gateway (RFLink) with the Atmega2560 microcontroller and 433 Mhz radio modules (FS1000A and RXB6)
  • MySensors dual Gateway with NRF24L01 and RFM69 (868 Mhz) radio modules and radio traffic LEDs.
  • I2C OLED Display (SSD1306) controlled through Raspberry GPIO.
  • FTDI and ICSP connectors to program the ATMega2560 microcontroller.
  • Step-up and step-down voltage regulators.
  • Fan pin header.
  • Footprint for optional high gain 433 Mhz and 868 Mhz antennas.

 Visit the getting started section of the wiki for detailed instructions on how to build your d-diot hub v.1.0