The first PCB for MySensors nodes

The aim of this pcb is to offer an easy way to build a reliable and compact MySensors node based on Arduino Nano and an NRF24L01 radio module. This is how the board looks:

GP PCB Nano - Front view

GP PCB Nano – Front view

GP PCB Nano - Rear view

GP PCB Nano – Rear view


The main features of the pcb are:

  • Small dimensions: 55 x 55 mm
  • Socket for NRF24L01 radio module with dedicated capacitor
  • MYSX connector v.2.6
  • Radio traffic LED
  • Multiple and flexible power options (5-23V)
  • Support for a photoresistor to measure the light level
  • Buzzer (beeper)
  • Support for DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor
  • 4 channel RGBW LED controller
  • Dedicated 3.3V voltage regulator to power the radio module
  • Additional PIN to power external devices
  • Support for ATSHA204 IC
  • Support for DC Barrel Jack
  • Mounting hole for a M2.5 screw


Below the schematics of the board.

GP PCB Nano - Schematics

GP PCB Nano – Schematics


You can download the Gerber files and have ten of this pcb for about 5€, with an online pcb manufacturer like JLCPCB or PCB way.

If you want to modify something, the entire Kicad project is available here:

or as a repository in github.

Know more…

Visit this page of the d-diot wiki to know more about the pcb and its BOM. 

Use the interactive board tool to see where to place each component.

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