d-diot image v.1.2 released!

Update 22-10-2019: a solution for the issue with ESPHome has been released! See here how to easily fix them.

Update 23-10-2019: the fix for the LIRC issue is here!

Update 31-10-2019: a new version v.1.2.1 of the d-diot image that fixes the two issues above has been released. See here.

The third release of the d-diot image for the d-diot hub is available for download.


  • Raspbian Lite version (Buster): April 2019 (release date 2019-09-26)
  • Works with Raspberry pi 3
  • Supports d-diot hub v.1.0 and v.2.0
  • Home Assistant version: 0.100.2
  • MySensors version: 2.3.2-beta
  • RFlink version: R48
  • ESPHome version: v.1.13.6

Known issues:

  • Due to this bug the LIRC integration in Home Assistant is not working. However the integration with the restful API of lirc_web is working.
  • This strange problem, probably due to Raspbian Buster,  affects ESPHome, so the compilation of the firmware for ESP8266 boards may fail. Everything works fine for ESP32 boards. Of course you can generate your firmwares with another instance of ESPHome running on a different machine, and then add your device to Home Assistant.

Why this release is important:

  • We have Raspbian Buster and Home Assistant v.0.100.2
  • The compatibility with the Raspberry Pi 4 is near! Having a MySensors release that will work for the Pi 4 probably is just a matter of time.

Burn your d-diot image to an SD card like a standard Raspbian lite image and you are ready to go.

Visit the d-diot wiki for more details.