This motion, temperature, humidity and light sensor is a must  have!  

This  DIY device cost around 10€ while similar products on the market based for example on the Z-Wave technology cost around 50€ , so this  multi sensor allows you to save a discrete amount of money  if your plan is to have one of this in every room of your home.

The device is based on the MySensors platform and built around the BT-Pcb-328P board.

Main functionalities:

  • Motion detection (PIR AS312)
  • Temperature detection (Si7021)
  • Humidity detection (Si7021)
  • Light detection (photoresistor)

d-diot battery powered multisensor

The node is  very flexible: it can be powered with 2 x AAA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable), with a single CR2032 battery or with a standard cellphone charger through the micro USB port. 

The case is 3d-printable and the board has  a reverse polarity protection so if you insert the battery in the wrong direction by mistake, the device will survive. 

RFM69 (868 Mhz) and NRF24L01 (2.4 Ghz) radio modules are both supported.

The node can act also as a repeater for other nodes of the MySensors network and the behaviour of the five signaling LEDs under the Fresnel lens of the PIR sensor is configurable in the firmware.

Visit the dedicated wiki page to know more.