A complete DIY,  3d printable smart mood lamp based on ESP8266 and WS2812B (Neopixel) LEDs 

Below how this Do It Yourself (DIY) lamp looks like:

The external case is 3d printable (see it in thingiverse) and designed in a modular way, so you can use the same base and design your own top parts.

The brain of the d-diot Mood Lamp is the popular NodeMCU Lolin V3 board which integrates and ESP8266 IC, so in few words… Wifi connectivity!

The firmware for the NodeMCU board is generated with ESPHome and this results in a super easy integration with Home Assistant. In addition  a lot of RGB effects are supported, see here for more details.

The capacitive touch button in the front of the lamp allows you to use the lamp like a normal (non smart) device. With a long press of the button the brightness can be increased or decreased.

Visit the dedicated wiki page to know more.