This small battery powered pcb is the swiss knife for your home automation!

This small PCB (55×35) is born to be a general purpose solution for building any kind of compact wireless battery powered sensor or actuator based on MySensors, an ATMega328P (Arduino) and a RFM69 or NRF24 radio module.


The main features of the pcb are:

  • Small dimensions: 55 x 35 mm
  • Multiple power options: 2 x AAA batteries or 1xAAA battery (Rechargeable or Alkaline), 1 x CR2032 battery, standard cellphone charger at 5V through the micro USB port or through Vin and GND pin of the MYSX connector
  • Reverse polarity protection (Mosfet Q1) to prevent damages in case of wrong batteries insertion.
  • Boost converter (ME2188C33) to increase the battery voltage to 3.3V when necessary
  • LEDs for radio traffic and low batteries signaling. All configurable in the firmware.
  • Multiple radio module supported: NRF24L01 (SMD and THT) and RFM69.
  • Footprint for a reed switch
  • MYSX connector v.2.6 that integrates the pins for FTDI and ICSP
  • Support for ATSHA204 chip (security and signing)
  • Mounting hole for a M2.5 screw


You can download the Gerber files and have ten of this pcb for about 5€, with an online pcb manufacturer like JLCPCB or PCB way.

The entire Kicad project is available here.

Know more…

Visit this page of the d-diot wiki to know more about the pcb and its BOM. 

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