And finally the 3d printable case is available!

The 3d-printable case for the Raspberry Pi 3 and the d-diot board v.2.0 is available in thingiverse, so now the d-diot hub v.2.0 is completed.

Below the main functionalities of the hub:

  •  IR Gateway (blaster and receiver) to control every device that has a dummy infrared remote.
  •  433 Mhz Gateway with the RFLink firmware running on the on-board ATMega2560 microcontroller
  •  Dual MySensors Gateway: NRF24 (2.4 Ghz) and RFM69 (868 Mhz).
  • Latch circuit to power-on and safely power-off your Pi with a simple button press.
  •  SSD1306 I2C Oled display controllable in Home Assistant
  • Radio activity LEDs for IR and Mysensors gateways
  • Nice and powerful web interface thanks to Home Assistant
  • Easy setup and configuration with the d-diot image

To build your own hub go to the getting started page of the d-diot wiki