3 smart USB ports in Home Assistant!

This PCB is an expansion board that can be connected through the MySensors expansion connector (MYSX) to any other MySensors PCB that exposes this connector, but its perfect match is with the d-diot Mini-BT-Pcb-328P.

With this expansion board you can turn on/off 3 USB type A ports; the power state of each port can be controlled with the dedicated physical push button or in a “smart” way through the Home Assistant WebUI, which makes this board useful in many situations, like charging your smartphone, powering a Raspberry Pi or any other USB devices with the added value to manage or automate the process in your home automation hub.


You can download the Gerber files and have ten of this pcb for about 5€, with an online pcb manufacturer like JLCPCB or PCB way.

The entire Kicad project is available here.

Know more…

Visit this page of the d-diot wiki to know more about the pcb and its BOM. 

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