Power your USB devices in a smart way!

With this MySensors node you can turn on/off 3 USB type A ports; the power state of each USB port can be controlled in two ways:

  • With the dedicated physical push button
  • In a “smart” way through the Home Assistant WebUI

The node is useful in many situations, like charging your smartphone, powering a Raspberry Pi or any other USB devices with the added value to manage or automate the process in your home automation hub.

It is built with the Mini-BT-pcb-328p board (mother board) and the USB-exp pcb (daughter board) all enclosed in a 3d printable case.

The Mini-BT-pcb-328p board supports both radio modules: RFM69 (868 Mhz) and NRF24 (THT and SMD), while The USB-Exp PCB, that feeds also the Mini-BT-pcb-328p board, has two connector for the external power.

  • 1 micro USB port (5V DC)
  • 1 Power jack (5-12V DC)

The optional buck converter present after the power jack allows you to power the board with a voltage range of 5-12V and with the Jumper JP1 you can bypass it, feeding the USB ports directly with your input voltage.

Visit the dedicated wiki page to build yourself one of this node.